Divine Design (6 month coaching program)

The Smart Woman's Guide to Clarity and Confidence

Confused about what you really want in life?  

Something’s gnawing at you and won’t let you rest at night, but you don’t know what it is?

There’s just something missing?

Imagine what it would be like to wake up having that calm confidence that you KNOW which choices and decisions are right for you. And could act on them without guilt.

You walk through each day having more fun, creating not reacting to life around you.

You’re clear on who you are, why you’re here, and have permanent peace with your past.

What would it be like if you had that each and every day?

If you ever wondered what it would be like to feel so connected and aligned, that it would draw you out of bed each morning excited for your day’s adventure, than the Divine Design program is for you.

The Divine Design experience includes:

Clarity and Confidence Workshop

This powerful one-day group workshop is designed for you to walk away with a customized list of what YOU specifically have-to-have to live your purposeful life. To trust your own instincts again.

You’ll see patterns that have been underlying your choices for years, so you can choose which of these are still helping you, and which are holding you back from where you’re growing next. Your secret weapon to help you get back on your own to-do list.

You will finally know how to make confident decisions that you’re on YOUR right track and feel great about it! 


Pathway-to-Purpose Energy Assessment and Debrief

Kick-off our coaching, with an in-depth online assessment that reveals your current energy and your energy blocks. Debrief results one-on-one with Janet so we can quickly identify specific areas that are causing you frustration and stress. Places that are closing off your inner knowing.   

In our debrief process, we will capture feelings and actions around key areas of your life, as well as highlight areas of hidden potential. Knowing and trusting your brilliance (and yes, you have a lot of it!) will allow your dreams to play out in life more easily. 


Trainings on how to use your body to live your higher Truth

Learn how everything is energy, including you, and how you can harness more of it to attract more joy, fun and health.

You will understand how your brain and heart energies function together. When it makes sense for you to lead with your thoughts and when it serves you to go with your gut. No more second guessing your decisions or waiting for something else to happen before you can feel at peace.

Teachings around breath work and mindfulness will be taught and encouraged.

These trainings are done virtually, either online or over the phone. 


12 one-on-one personal coaching calls

Learning and awareness is a great first step, but to have the confidence to take consistent aligned action, experience deep relationships that nourish you, and create from a place of abundance requires something else. You have to change ingrained subconscious patterns. And the truth is, none of us can catch our own blind spots.

Twice a month, we will meet (on phone or Skype) for private coaching. A continuous and caring conversation where we dig deep together. “Catch” some of those pesky patterns and give you the opportunity to create a new pattern that’s more in alignment to who you want to be now. And change is hard (until it’s not J)! This is your sacred time. A safe environment to share what’s happening, within yourself and with those around you, as you open this next chapter in your life

We will set and review goals, as well as suggest “homework” assignments customized to support your best next steps. 


VIP Day *

The VIP day is an intensive, one-on-one, full day experience where Janet will personally take you through the Clarity and Confidence methodology. An in depth and laser focus process that identifies what is at the root of your frustration. The truth of what’s really holding you back from stepping into your life the way you dreamed about years ago.

You will not only walk out with a customized list of what YOU specifically have-to-have to live your purposeful life, but insights and tools that will dial up your strongest qualities to make sustainable changes with more ease.

This is an accelerated format of your coaching program that is sure to uncover some major energy blocks more quickly. Included is an additional follow-up coaching call to further debrief the discoveries made on your VIP day. 

*Can be added as an upgrade to the Divine Design Coaching Program or purchased separately


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