Note: 2016 retreat is no longer available. To receive early notification in April 2017 for Fall 2017 retreat email Janet.

Fall Women’s Retreat in the Berkshires – Relax. Learn. Connect.

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy family, friends and the outdoors.

Change up routines.

We often find our best ideas germinate from this space.

For me, this summer bubbled up lots of ideas, one of which is a unique personal growth experience that I would like to share with you.

A fall Women's Retreat at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires.

The Berkshires are magical with beautiful vistas, lakes, rivers and natural beauty. The vibe is peaceful and wholesome. Add the colors of the fall to the mountain backdrop, and you experience a piece of heaven on earth.

In addition to relaxing in one of the most stunning and supportive settings you can imagine, you’ll experience two other components that are imperative for successful growth:

Learning and connection.

You will LEARN how to choose and create your best next steps in life.

YOU will CONSCIOUSLY CONNECT to that seemingly small, inner voice that you tend to override. Turns out, it's actually your compass to the joy, ease and fun you want more of in life.

You will also CONNECT with other like-minded (and hearted) women. The truth is that when you are in a conscious community, the parts of you that are most important feel more ALIVE.

Your ROADMAP to what’s next for you becomes clear.

You feel EXCITED again!

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Who is this for?

This is for women over 40 who are ready to take a grown up “time out."

A time out from all the DOING to create space for what brings you more joy.

A sacred, SAFE space to explore and create those next important chapters of your life.

This is for you if you’re ready to have ease and fun become a reality in your life....not just a hopeful thought.

This is for you, if you enjoy sharing in a small group.

This is for you if you enjoy exceptional value and can make a decision in the next few weeks. This debut retreat is being offered with promotional pricing.

What exactly will be included?

The programs includes online live sessions, personal coaching and an in-person 4-day retreat.

PERSONAL COACHING –  90 minutes   (Value $399)


A LIVE 4-DAY EXPERIENTIAL RETREAT – all classes, all meals and shared room (single rooms available for additional fee) (Value $999)

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to share ideas and build relationships(Value – $$$$)

TOTAL VALUE OF RETREAT $1797+  (see below for promotional pricing available ONLY for this debut retreat)


Check-in at Kripalu will be on Sunday, October 16th and check-out will be Wednesday, October 19th. Yes, the MOST beautiful time to be in the Berkshires.

You will also have interactive ONLINE sessions BEFORE we leave for Kripalu to foster the group getting to know one another, set personal intentions, and allow me to share concepts and tips that will support your experience at Kripalu. You won't just experience Kripalu, you'll take it home with you!


Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Lenox, Massachusetts.

A customized relax-learn-connect retreat is being design for you, so that your mind and body are being supported in the best possible way.

Why is it designed with coaching, teaching and a live retreat?

This combination provides the most impact for sustainable change.

Personal coaching

·      Most of us live in environments that make us feel like we’re missing something or need to fix ourselves in some way.  Coaching provides a setting where you’re seen as 100% whole and perfect (yup, I said perfect), which allows different questions and growth to come forward.

·      Coaching creates a safe, confidential and loving space for you to explore what you want and what may be blocking you from accessing that more easily.

Interactive Teaching

·      The more you learn, the more you widen the lens of what you hold as possible.

·       Interactive learning and collaboration enhances your ability to change patterns. When we learn and share with each other,  it makes it easier to overcome blind-spots that are difficult to change on your own. 

Live Experiential Retreat

·      When you step out of your everyday environment, it allows an opening for new ideas to enter and for energy to shift. It provides an incubator for the next evolution of you to birth itself with more ease. I have attended over 25 retreats and it’s the number one, most effective, and efficient way to create what you want next in your life.  And most fun!

·      You will connect, share and learn with like-minded women. Your tribe. Your peeps. Personal interaction, over time, equals authentic connection. That leads to personal fulfillment.


I’m currently working with Kripalu and a certain level of interest is needed by August 15th to make this viable.

To ensure we can move forward and include your suggestions to further customize this retreat, VERY attractive tier-level pricing is being offered for this promotional program.

For the first 3 participants who register before August 15th      $999  ` (save $798)

For the next 3 participants who register before August 15th     $1049  (save $748)

For participants who register after August 15th                           $1249  (save $548)

The program will close at 10 participants.

Next Steps?

If you have additional questions or would like to register, please email me by clicking  


Schedule a mutually convenient time for us to talk by clicking

This could be the perfect opportunity to invite a friend and enjoy the experience together. Or come on your own, and build new friendships.

If October doesn’t work for you, please let me know if would have interest in the next Kripalu Retreat and what month you would prefer.

I've produced dozens of events and experiences. I hope you join me for my newest creation.