What Clients Are Saying


She is intuitive, kind, compassionate and really gets to the heart of the matter at hand, quickly.  

Before I began working with Janet, I was stuck.  I knew that I had goals that I wanted to achieve and I knew that I had it in me to achieve all the success that I could envision for myself. I just couldn’t create any sort of forward momentum.  I truly was stuck. Janet was immediately able to help me discover WHY I was stuck. 

I always thought I was sort of an introvert and indecisive, but through working with Janet, I realized that I wasn’t an introvert by nature; I was frightened of being seen.  My self-image and lack of confidence had been holding me back.  It was consuming my life.

I had a breakthrough with Janet after our 2nd session. After that breakthrough, my life completely shifted.  I’m setting and completing big goals for myself.  I've even committed to writing a book.  I truly feel confident in myself and my ability to achieve anything I set my heart on. 

I am so thankful to have gotten the chance to work with Janet. If you are considering working with Janet, I would tell you to run, don’t walk.  She is a gifted coach and anyone would be lucky to call Janet HER coach.

Shanon Altig, Lincoln, California

Janet is the mirror you would like to have to really see yourself.  She has the ability to help you see inside yourself, and to help you see yourself out in the world. 

This kind of self-exploration can be a vulnerable process, yet with Janet's help, it's a safe and mostly exciting journey.  I felt Janet's professionalism provided structure, while her kind and open heart kept me on the path of my personal growth.

When I first began working with Janet, life was very busy and at the end of the day, I was exhausted and unfulfilled. Care taking had overshadowed my life and though I'm a nurturing person, I felt I had lost a sense of self.  I had started functioning on autopilot as mom, wife, and daughter-in-law. Over time that meant I stopped listening to my instincts for what was best for me. There was also a deep gap in my work history that left me with the question of should I take a job to fill the gap, or utilize this time to explore who I am and what it was that I wanted. 

Within weeks of working with Janet, I was able to make changes in my family life and carve out time to prioritize building on my passions. By looking at all the components of my life, I identified where and how I spent a lot of my energy, and where I wanted change. This translated into a doable set of priorities that I could work from that would create more of the life I now wanted.  In the past I dealt with the circumstances of my life, and with Janet's help, I began to deal with the real work of identity (who I am and what I care about) and how I lived out my interests. 

One particular situation that triggered a frozen or panicked response was being asked, "What do you do?"  I would stumble to answer, as I immediately thought of all that I used to have when I had a title and position. Working with Janet, I explored the assumptions, judgments and fear behind that triggered feeling. I am comfortable now discussing the interests I'm exploring.  This new way of presenting my interests has changed conversations and increased my confidence and security in exploring new areas rather than seeking a job title to fill a gap in the resume. 

Investing in my personal growth was challenging. It was hard for me to put myself first and yet I was at a crossroads. I felt strongly that it was time to invest in something that could help me move forward. Janet was very easy to talk with and I immediately got the sense that she understood my struggle. She approached her role as coach with compassion and empathy.  She also presented a confidence that encouraged me to take a chance exploring my life's journey.

Cheryl, New Hampshire

Although I THOUGHT I was confident and centered when we started working together, today I FEEL a lot less stressed, more centered, more confident and free.

Dear Janet,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for your generosity of spirit.  You are a top notch, Master coach.  Your intuition, insight and wisdom have been invaluable to my evolution.  As I look at where I started a few months ago to where I am today, I am amazed at the growth. Each week’s goals are met or exceeded yet the journey feels wonderful and effortless.  Each session brings me a new sense of awareness and always leaves me feeling a natural high with a sense of purpose.  The shift of energy is so real and I love, love it!

I am releasing stress before it comes into physical realm. I am manifesting what I want on so many levels.  My life is on such a positive track- woo hoo!!!!.  I am experiencing life from my heart supported by my brain versus the other way around and this has made all the difference!  I feel how my heart, mind and body are all working together for my highest good.

You are truly gifted!! You are an expert listener with an ability to pick up what is truly important in what is being said, and more importantly in what is NOT being said.  Your intuition is spot on and your ability to re-frame a situation provides such a sense of empowerment.  Your high energy is truly contagious. 

Your presence in my life has been God sent. Thank you for your time and sharing your gifts with me.  I carry your words of love and wisdom through the day and I look forward to our next session.

Have an awesome trip to Peru!

A warm hug, namaste,

Catalina Andrade, North Carolina


Our working together has brought out more joy in me. It doesn't matter where I am at in the beginning of our coaching session, by the end I feel totally aligned, balanced and in charge of my life.

Having Janet as my coach is like having the combination of a warm hearted best friend coupled with the super intellect of a professional.  Her steadfast presence makes me feel like the most important person in the world anytime I talk with her. She asks deep, probing questions in a compassionate way that helps me connect the dots in my life, create a roadmap and tap into potential I had not been able to experience before. Janet’s "get-to-the-core" style allowed my own authenticity to rise and helped me make sense of feelings I once was at a loss to understand. This brought about a whole new confidence in myself that’s resulted in my autobiography coming to life, something that I had thought about for years but felt uneasy writing.

Not only do I trust her with the most personal details of my life, she embodies an amazing sense of humor, which for me has been key to the profound transformation I have been seeing in myself. She is someone whom I can hold myself accountable to and because of that, I am moving forward in areas of my life that I was once stuck in. Be it my personal life or my professional career, she has a gift of seeing the deepest meaning and helping to illuminate that within myself.

A. Manuel, California


Janet's style of asking insightful questions, as well as her unique ability to intuitively feel what was between the words, gave me the tools that helped me look within myself and see things in a different light from what I had been seeing. 

Having the opportunity to work with Janet through coaching sessions came at a pivotal time in my life, a time I was feeling conflicted about making an important life decision. I couldn’t figure out how to make a choice that made all of my adult children, my young grandchildren, and me happy. I learned how important it was for me to learn what makes me happy, and as a result I feel I am better able to make those around me happy. I am now making choices that feed my creativity and consequently, make me feel good.

The valuable tools that Janet taught me, such as various breathing techniques and focusing on my body and inner being allowed me to feel a sense of “anything’s possible”. That feeling of awareness and positive energy gives me great satisfaction in learning who I truly am.

Janet helped me immeasurably and I feel clearer and more confident that I will make the best decision for all involved, including me!

LC, Massachusetts



She knows how to authentically connect with people and ask the tough questions, but always with a lot of heart.

As best friends since childhood, I have shared many life’s experiences with Janet.  I can depend on her to be honest, empathetic, loving, funny, compassionate, intuitive and non-judgmental. Whether I have been in despair over a failing marriage or terrified when my baby needed major surgery or in shock when my father passed away suddenly,  Janet was there with me in person or logging in hours on the phone till we figured things out. Every step of the way, she supported me and helped me get to the root of my feelings so that I could regain my perspective and move forward.

Although Janet has been working as a CPA, she has always been helping people and has been a coach at heart.  She is gifted with many qualities one would seek in a great coach.  She is result-oriented, laser-focused and a true professional with a balance of intuitive energy to help clients get to where they want to be in life. She sees potential in people and situations that others miss.

I feel incredibly lucky that she is my best friend and incredibly proud that she is creating a business that utilizes her strengths to help many people realize their own.

L. Holmes, Washington, DC



I now feel a clarity and a focus. 

Janet is the sister that I wish I had. She is authentic, genuine, supportive, caring, empathetic, funny, and a great listener. In just 7 sessions I felt completely different about myself and my future. She has given me the tools to maintain my focus during this transitional time in my life. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is that I have a choice and I am in control. Also, to pay attention to what I feel and believe it. To recognize the feeling when something does not fit my plan. I choose my plan. I have notice such a difference in my thinking, I’ve become so conscious. Thank you!

Anne Walker, Tennessee