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I was raised with four older brothers, 10,000 chickens, a pony, dogs and many cats on a farm in Massachusetts.  Quite the menagerie. Hard work, family, education and financial stability were strong values in our ethnic home. Logic and technical ability were revered.  I interpreted this to mean that excellence in these areas granted success and a ticket off the farm. Don’t get me wrong, the farm gave me an appreciation for animals, nature and outdoor play, but I had a curiosity for the world beyond. I followed the well intended guidance (chose to be a CPA instead of an actress), excelled academically and the checklists began:

graduate top of my class
prestigious and lucrative career
Masters in Taxation, CPA and a lots of letters after my name
find Prince Charming
own home and several other properties
success and the “white picket fence” life

Eight years into my grand plan, my Prince Charming left the scene when my children were 4 days old and 1.5 years old. At the age of 30, my fast track “successful” life took a major detour.  

I had many sleepless nights wondering how I could be a “good” mom and still create a life for myself. How was I going to provide a loving home for my children if I was always tired from doing everything myself? How would I financially make it all work? Who would love and care about me? How did I end up here? What did I do wrong? I felt disconnected and alone.

Sound familiar?

The physical and emotional stress of divorce, single parenting, and the type A, brain driven, need to plan and control way-of-life, manifested in migraine headaches, a lump in my breast, and Scleroderma, an autoimmune disease. My body was screaming at me to pay attention to how I was choosing to live.  I finally got the message, made changes and my life changed dramatically.

The breast lump was removed and no re-occurrence in over 20 years. I chose to care for my body through alternative health practices and in May 2016, my 10 year diagnosis of Scleroderma was reversed! Migraine headaches lessened. Love showed up in a most unexpected way (playing volleyball) and I remarried 18 years ago. Laughter, fun and a sense of team grew in my home. Calm replaced frantic (most of the time).

With my personal life in harmony, I became focused on my work life. I knew there had to be a more fulfilling career than understanding tax law and letting people know how much they owed the IRS, but I wasn’t sure what career would allow me feel the joy I felt in my home. I now know that making a living doing work you love is not only possible, but necessary for overall well being and longevity.

I predominantly made major life choices from my head, but realized my best results didn’t happen that way.  The shift to follow from the heart (with my head being a support player), brought a cascade of opportunities that resulted in my meeting Dr. Sue Morter, who became both a mentor and a friend. It was through her teachings of energy, body chemistry and embodiment that I made a conscious connection between intellect and feelings. With the intention of using practical daily tools to bring body, mind and spirit together, The Center for Redesigning Life was born. Now I get to use my brain, heart and energetics to support people seeing, learning and feeling their way to a life that excites them.

Being “real” and creating authentic relationships has always been a priority to me.  I have had the same best friend for over 45 years, and have been blessed with many other long lasting friendships. The newest chapter in my life, being a life coach and working with bioenergetics, has attracted another group of fascinating friendships.

It has taken me thirty plus years of life experience, raising a family, several businesses, and an insatiable curiosity to create and understand what I wished I knew years ago. It was more than just formal learning, “figuring it out” and using brain power.  In fact, most of us overlook the key factor in learning how to live the life we are destined to have.  I now consciously know how I did it and can teach others these same practices. It is my intention to help you find out in a fraction of the time it took me.

If you have a gnawing, gut feeling that there is more to your story than what’s currently being presented, and you’re interested in having it show up in your life, I invite you to honor that feeling and contact me for a complimentary coaching session. Feeling energized, loved, fulfilled, balanced and happy isn’t luck of the draw, but a matter of perspective, energetic intention, and value priority.  A redesign of what you already possess.

Education & Certifications

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC)

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (IPEC)

  • Certified Energy Codes Master Trainer from Morter Institute for Bioenergetics

  • Results Systems Certified Practitioner

  • Certified Open Heart Project's Meditation Instructor

  • Certified in B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique)

  • CPA


  • Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training from The Center for Transformational Presence - 2018

  • Neuroscience, Consciousness, and Transformational Coaching from BEabove Leadership - 2018

  • Coaches Training Institute (CTI) Fundamental Course

  • 25 Intentional Living/Energy Code immersion seminars with Dr. Sue Morter since 2011

  • Playing the Matrix and Getting What You Really Want with Mike Dooley

  • Spiritual exploration journey to Machu Picchu with Dr. Sue Morter

Professional Affiliations

  • Board VP of Finance and Administration, International Coaching Federation New England (ICFNE) - 2014-2018

Fun Stuff I Like to Do

  • Yoga

  • Billiards

  • Bicycling

  • Golf

  • Travel

  • Read

  • Board games and cards

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