Foundational Concepts

The Center for Redesigning Life helps people bridge their personal possibility gap between who they think they are now and who they dream of being. Through education, practical coaching and a commitment to honoring the uniqueness of each person’s evolution, we help our clients become unstuck and manage their own personal power naturally.

Our process supports three essential pillars for success:

  1. The COURAGE to let go of what other people think and allow the infinite possibility of you to shine through.
  2. The COMPASSION to embrace your humanity and set boundaries, which means things don’t always go the way you think they will, but there is nothing wrong with you or what’s going on.
  3. The CONNECTION between your heart and head which allows a greater connection of you to everyone else.

We are dedicated to creating the peace that comes from knowing the choices a client makes are the right ones for them. We know feeling energized, loved, fulfilled, balanced and happy isn’t luck of the draw, but a matter of perspective and intention. A redesign of what you already possess.