What are the Energy Codes?

Albert Einstein stated all things are energy, vibrating at different frequencies. This includes you, your thoughts and all that you see around you. Isaac Newton said that energy cannot be created, it can only be transferred or transformed. The Energy Codes applies these scientific concepts to address the following questions:

  • What if the purpose of your body was more than just to hold up your head and provide an enclosure for your inner biological systems? What if it was providing feedback to guide you to effectively transmuting energy through you and around you?

  • What if your physical and emotionally health were tied to this concept?

  • Can it be so simple that I already possess all that I need to create the life I want?

  • How can I incorporate this in my life, in easy, practical ways?

The truth is, we are fully equipped to live the life we choose, and we are constantly being put in situations to call upon the resources we have been given, to cut through our “gunk” to experience life more fully. Our achievement oriented mind plays a key role, but not quite the way most of us are taught to use it. You might believe that all solutions come from the brain and repeat “if only” thoughts: 

  • if only I were smarter, than I would be successful.

  • if only I were more educated, than it would be easy.

  • if only had more time, than I could figure it out.

  • if only I had a different family or upbringing, than I would have learned this as a child.

Perhaps the solution hasn’t come because nothing is broken or needs fixing. Maybe you need to bring more to your life choices than just your brain, but you were never shown how to do this.

Janet Stokes with Dr. Sue Morter (right)

Janet Stokes with Dr. Sue Morter (right)

Energy Codes focuses on the body in a way that incorporates all your energy, including your conscious and subconscious mind. When something or someone causes you to feel a reaction in your body, i.e. lump in the throat, tightness in the chest, knot in the stomach, or weakness in the knees, Energy Codes helps you to understand not only what that means, but how to move that constricted energy through you so you can feel better again, both mentally and physically.

You are a stream of consciousness, insisting to be in flow. The body tells us where to bring attention so we can effectively stay in flow. Using technology developed over the past 30 years by Dr. M.T. Morter Jr., and further enhanced by Dr. Sue Morter, Energy Codes teaches breathing and muscle constriction techniques, as well as  standing postures that reset your nervous system and forms new circuitry in your brain.

By expanding the vision of your life through coaching and practicing Energy Code embodiment techniques, you will find yourself opting less for guilt, shame, fear, blame or whatever your favorite flavor is that holds you back. You will begin living life from the inside out. You will understand the language of your body and what it is trying to reveal to you. This will help get you out of your head and make choices that will be in line with all of you. That creates the knowingness and certainty for lasting joy and health. That is what your life is intended to be.


Note: Janet Stokes is a Certified Master Trainer for the Energy Codes concepts and techniques.