Divine Design Workshop: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Clarity and Confidence


  • Want to feel the passion of living your own dreams again?

  • Finally ready to put yourself on your own to-do list?

  • Confused about what your next steps are now that the kids are starting college? 

  • Imagine what it would feel like to move through life with a calm confidence.

  • To KNOW exactly which choices and decisions are right for you.

  • And imagine acting on those choices completely free from guilt.

You would walk through each day having more fun and creating the life you want. No more putting off that trip you daydream about, or taking those courses you’ve always wished you had. You would work in a job or a business that feeds your soul, instead of just pay the bills. You’re life would have flexibility and feel physically vibrant. People will start feeling more drawn to you.


Creating. Not reacting. It’s not only possible, it’s how you’re designed to live!


In this powerful one-day group workshop you will:

  • Develop a customized list, your recipe, of what you have-to-have to fully show up in life. No more stress from second-guessing your decisions.
  • Allow more ease into your life by discovering and embracing unconscious patterns that serve you best, and let go of those that block the flow.
  • Gain a crystal clear clarity of your deepest values, so your next choices align to your inner sense of purpose. You don’t want busy. You want fulfillment.
  • Create more space for love to flow in your relationships. Including the most critical relationship we each encounter. The one with ourselves.
  • Generate a vision of life that encompasses the freedom of living by YOUR natural design.


Here’s the thing. There will always be something that gets in the way of saying “yes” to you. And the only way to change that is to say “yes” and actually follow through! Crazy paradigm, but true. It gets easier the more you practice it. Promise.

Because the nature of this inner work lends itself to a more intimate setting, there is a cap of 12 attendees for this workshop.

Please don’t miss out because you hesitated. In uncertain times, true passion is your greatest security. You deserve to feel the aliveness of living your passion. Your Truth.

What people have said after the experience:

“Felt like I came away with a year’s worth of progress and I'm feeling calmer and more “in control” with letting go.”

“I feel like I have had such a shift of how I thought this morning to how I am thinking now. “ 

“Blew my mind!"

“So fun, and so enriching!”


Contact Janet for the 2018 Divine Design Workshop dates